• ICT Dialer® For all Country
    ICT Dialer
    ICT Dialer® offers flexible branding & customization for service provider.
    Connect from Symbian, iPhone and Android phone for crystal clear voice.
  • Faster Registration and Call Connects
    ICT Dialer
    ICT Dialer® works with WiFi/GPRS/3G/4G LTE network,
    faster registration and call connectivity
    for all country and networks.
  • Innovative Technology
    Competitive and cost effective
  • Economy Packages
    New Dialer with Good Performance
  • Customization and Branding
    Offers flexible branding & customization
    for service provider.
  • Brand pin of your own choice
ICT Dialer® for Faster Registration, Call Connectivity & Block Bypass. Get Now

ICT Dialer
Get your own BRANDED ICT Dialer that works All Networks

  • ICT Dialer is the Best?

    Custom-designed technologically advanced.

  • Available In all Mobile Platform

    Make voice call from any Smart Phone

  • Your Business, Your Brand

    Customize your Own Business Brand

  • Flexible branding & customization

    Works all networks with clear voice

ICT Dialer® for all networks
Get your own BRANDED ICT Dialer®

Faster registration & call-connectivity
Reliable faster communication
Customization and branding
Brand pin of your own choice
Economy packages
Get the best out of your investment
Compatible with any SIP switch/SBC
Works with most softswitches
Built-in bandwidth optimizer
Uses extremely low bandwidth
Block bypass
Works through conventional blocks
Get DEMO ICT Dialer! ICT Dialer® works all network in the World Demo