ICT Mobile Dialer


ICT Mobile Dialer

ICT Mobile Dialer® that can may be used on the compatible Android and or iPhone smart phones to make IP based voice calls. This is a light weight app offering faster registration and call connects. It allows crystal clear voice calls over WiFi or 3G/4G LTE network. ICT Mobile Dialer® offers flexible branding & and customization for service provider.

Custom-designed technologically advanced turbo circumvents service provider deployed conventional encryption method which ensures stronger fire wall bypass ability and better voice quality.

ICT Mobile Dialer® may be deployed in all countries and network. Please use the dialer service where its use is legal. Software Station iT Limited is not responsible for any illegal use of the dialer. ICT Mobile Dialer® ensures faster registration and call connect. ICT Mobile Dialer® tech team updates the dialer on continual basis to fulfill customers demand. For more details about ICT Mobile Dialer® please visit: www.ictdialer.net

ICT Mobile Dialer® for Faster Registration & Call Connectivity, Block Bypass and Compatible with most Softswitches

ICT Mobile Dialer® for all networks
Get your own BRANDED ICT Mobile Dialer®

Faster registration and call-connect
Fast call connect and reliable
Customization and branding
Brand pin of your own choice
Economy packages
Competitive and cost effective
Compatible with any SIP switch/SBC
Works with most softswitches
Built-in bandwidth optimizer.
Uses extremely low bandwidth
Block bypass
Works through conventional blocks
Get the ICT Mobile Dialer® and maximize your Business! ICT Mobile Dialer® works under conventional block situations Purchase